Artfloor Click

laminated Flooring is produced as a complete flooring system at worldwide standards with the AC3 and AC4 options. With rich colors and a variety of designs ARTFLOOR CLICK laminated Flooring transfers the naturalness of wood into your special indoor areas.

The HDF panels which are pressed in the melamine press are produced by being shaped in the laminated Flooring production line.

Artfloor, which is meticulously produced with a first quality approach at worldwide standards, is presented for use in office buildings with a mid level of traffic and in homes.
The Superiority of Artfloor Click Flooring

• The attach and detach system allows you to reuse the Flooring panels.
• Ready for use in a very short time for showrooms, stores, shop windows and fairs, and also makes decoration changes possible.
• Artfloor Click Flooring is resistant to Moisture because of being impregnated on all four corners.
• Saves time and money with its fast and easy installation feature.
• The adhesive-free installation system leaves surfaces clean and free of stains.
•The excellent locking technology of Artfloor Click Flooring provides a problem-free floor that won’t loosen over time.
• Artfloor Click Flooring also provides after sales advantages with a 10-year warranty.

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