Wood Excellence

Denisa, the official distributor of Kastomunu products.

The foundations of Denisa shpk, a company which places importance on development and innovation, which is respectful of the environment and consumer rights, which defines its marketing, sales and services processes around a customer-oriented philosophy and is aware of its social responsibilities, were formed in  2005.

Our Story

For the past ten years we have been growing nonstop in the double digits. We have formed a senior management team that is based on consistency and trust. We have determined the right strategies and goals. We prioritized customer oriented growth and always succeeded. Among the many features that make Denisa distinctive, in addition to its corporate structure, is a fast, reliable, knowledgeable, innovative and qualified human resources.


The select human resources who focus on customer satisfaction, understand the needs of customers and can respond to these needs with the correct products and services, is just one of the features that distinguishes us from the competitors. We see every employee as a family member carrying responsibilities.

The goal for Denisa is to continue to be the best in what we do. All we need is time to achieve these goals. We extend our endless gratitude to our esteemed employees who have always trusted in us and expanded our horizons, to our colleagues who have made the greatest contributions towards our reaching these goals and becoming successful and to our valued customers who have never left our side and always given us their trust and support.

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